Grilling! What better way to spend a weekend then to cook outside under the sun, and especially for guests? While it can’t be done all year round in most parts of the United States, such as during the winter in Minnesota, during a hurricane in Florida, or when there is a tornado warning in Nebraska. Or in western Washington state where it rains for about 9 months out of the year. While it might put a damper on the mood, the saying goes that if you don’t want to do anything in the rain, you are not going to do anything at all. There are so many different types of grills out there, like the gas, or charcoal grills. To make grilling easy we are going to introduce you royal gourmet gas grill review.

What is a Gas Grill?

A gas grill is a barbecue grill which is fueled by gas, or propane. It is a method of cooking food by applying heat to the food from below. Like a stove or an oven, but portable. In a gas grill, the body of the grill contains all of the other components needed to cook food, except for the hood. The hood itself is a separate part of the grill and covers the cooking area and traps the heated air inside the cooking area of the grill, which then increases the temperature inside the grill.

In a gas grill, the source of the gas is connected to the grill by a main house and the regulators are controlled by the knobs that allow a person to choose how much gas they are going to allow to the burner. Many gas grills have two burners, which each have a regulator, and each burner has many holes for the gas to exit. These holes are very small.

As with anything, there are components to making a fire and a gas grill is no exception. The gas grill needs to be able to get oxygen to it and then the spark to light it up. While the oxygen come from the air around the grill, the spark comes from the igniter, which is either a rotating knob or a button. The starter uses piezoelectricity to create the spark. The definition of piezoelectricity is “electric polarization in a substance (especially certain crystals) resulting from the application of mechanical stress.

Gas Grill vs Non-Gas

There are two main types of grills, gas, and electric, but to most people’s surprise, there are more styles than just those two. There are infrared grills, charcoal grills, which are another common one, braziers, pellet grills, square charcoal, hibachi grills, kettle grills, cart grills, barrel grills, ceramic cookers, tandoor grill, portable backpack grills, and portable charcoal grills.

Infrared grills are fascinating in this day and age. They work by igniting a gas fuel in order to heat a ceramic tile, which causes it to emit infrared radiation, which cooks the food. This occurs when there is movement within the charged particles of the atoms, and thermal radiation is then converted to electromagnetic radiation, which is in the infrared heat frequency range. These types of grills allow those using the grill to adjust the temperature of the cooking mechanism with greater ease and they are able to reach higher temperatures than most gas grills. For those who are interested, there are even solar powered cookers out there and solar-powered grills.

Nearly everybody knows what a charcoal grill is, and what charcoal briquettes are. For those who don’t know, charcoal is a fuel and heat source and when the charcoal is burned, they become embers and are then able to create the heat that is needed to cook the food. Among charcoal enthusiasts, there have been debates about what type of charcoal is best for grilling. They mainly focus on the aromas generated by the charcoal, the lack of fillers in the charcoal, how well it produces heat, how high a temperature it produces, what the burn rate of the charcoal is and even if all of the charcoal briquettes are of the same size.

In Japan, a hibachi is a heating device which is not for cooking food. Hibachi-style grills in the United States is used mainly for teppanyaki cooking on hotplates which are heated by gas and have been made to be part of the table where customers sit and eat their food in front of a chef who cooks the food in front of them. There is a third type of hibachi, which is a cooking grill made either out of cast iron or aluminum and are a form of a portable barbecue due to how small they are. But enough about those grills, let’s talk about a specific grill.

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Royal Gourmet Gas CC1830FRoyal Gourmet Gas Grill Review

The Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill CC1830F is a sleek, shiny grill that looks like it has a smaller version of itself attached to it, almost like a sidecar. The sidecar is actually an offset smoker, which gives the person doing the grilling an extra 183 square inches of cooking space but does not have a rack as the main grilling area does.

The lid for the smoker and the offset smoker is heavy duty, so it won’t open easily and expose the food that is being cooked to the elements and lose cooking time from being exposed to cooler air. However, if the ambient air temperature outside the grill where the people are walking is the same as the inside of the grill that is cooking the food, the person doing the grilling has bigger problems than a jostled grill lid. Since the grill lid is attached to the bottom portion of the grill, there is no chance that the lid will fall to the ground.

The charcoal pan of the grill is able to hold up to five pounds of charcoal at a time and the handles to lift the grill are adjustable, which means the height of the charcoal can be adjusted as well, which allows for better heating. The small rack in the front of the grill and the bottom shelf of the grill is made out of steel mesh, are both easy to clean up and provides plenty of storage space for tools and supplies normally needed for the grill. The small rack in the front of the grill would be a great place to stick tools for flipping the food on the grill when they are not in use, provided they don’t fall through the gaps on the rack.

The dimensions of the warming rack are 179 square inches, the offset smoker, formerly called the sidecar, provides the griller an additional 183 square inches of cooking area, and it has porcelain steel cooking grates. Porcelain steel is a combination I have never heard before. Steel is strong, but porcelain is fragile. Porcelain steel is also known as industrial porcelain enamel, glass-lined steel, or glass fused to steel and is the use of porcelain enamel in industrial applications. The porcelain enamel is applied to the metal to protect surfaces from physical damage and to improve how the product looks. Which would mean that the cooking grates are made of steel, but have a porcelain enamel coating to protect the grates from physical damage in the cooking process and to improve the look of the cooking grates as a secondary characteristic.

The main cooking chamber of the grill is 438 square inches and the cooking grates have a diameter of a quarter of an inch, the charcoal pan can hold five pounds of charcoal at a time. The black paint on the exterior of the grill is heat-resistant and will not chip, which means that there should not be any bubbling, cracking, melting, or chipping of the exterior paint. There is a thermometer built into the main lid so it is easy to see what the interior temperature of the grill is to determine if the food is being cooked at the proper temperature, and there are adjustable vents for better airflow. This grill is easily portable and only weighs 57 pounds and the dimensions of the grill are 45.3 x 26.8 x 48 inches, which would be length, width, and height of the grill.

In Royal Gourmet Gas Grill Review article we are going to tell you both pros and cons that you need to read before you buy.

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Pros:Royal Gourmet Gas Grill pros and cons

  • Heavy duty lid that is attached to the bottom portion of the grill and will not fall off.
  • Handles of the grill are adjustable, which means the height of the charcoal coals can be adjusted as needed
  • There is an external thermometer that shows the interior temperature to make sure the food is being cooked at the proper temperature.
  • Rack in front of the grill is a good place cooking tools while they are not being used.
  • Rack below the grill is a great place to store items for later use.
  • Both the front rack and bottom rack are easy to clean.
  • Exterior paint is heat-resistant
  • Easy to put together, especially with a second pair of hands for faster assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Has wheels for easy portability
  • Compact design
  • The ash pan can be removed for easy cleaning


  • The front shelf is somewhat small
  • There is nothing stopping items on the bottom shelf from falling off. Could easily be remedied by adding a barrier on the side to prevent this. Or all four sides if one of the sides can be opened, closed, and latched to make sure the fourth side does not swing open.
  • There have been some issues about the assembly of the grill being difficult
  • There have been some issues with peeling paint, but proper cleaning and other grill care play a role in the longevity of the grill.
  • Smoke tends to leak out every once in a while

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Royal Gourmet Gas Grill Review 2018

Hey, we are in the last phase of royal gourmet gas grill review post. Interestingly enough, this grill can roast both non-vegetarian and vegetarian food items easily. The bottom rack of the grill can be used to store food items, or other equipment used in grilling, such as charcoal, a fire extinguisher that is designed for fires from this type of grill, or cooking utensils so the person doing the grilling doesn’t have to go inside for what they need, or send someone else inside for what they need. They could even store plastic or Styrofoam plates down there for when people are eating outside.

If the grill owner, or owners, are concerned about the possibility of the items in the bottom rack falling off, either from when the grill is being moved around, or otherwise, then they could add a barrier on three sides of the bottom rack where they can still see what is on the rack. Or, if they wanted to, they could put the barrier all the way around the bottom rack, with the fourth side having the ability to be latched, but still be able to see what is on the bottom rack, and able to put things on the rack, either by passing it over the barrier, or unlatching one side of the barrier they have created. Remember, a well cared for and regularly cleaned grill lasts far longer than one that is not cleaned after every use.


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