Maverick ET-733Maverick ET-733 Review-Long Range Wireless Dual Probe BBQ Smoker Meat Thermometer Set

In my “must have in kitchen” list, I have recently added Maverick ET-733 as the best smoker thermometer on the planet earth. This has been in the top selling thermometer in the smoker category on Amazon. From professional to amateur pit masters all of them raves about Maverick and recommends us to use. And now we wrote this article Maverick ET-733 Review.

If you are looking for best thermometer then Maverick ET-733 Review article will help you out. No matter how popular it is, the wireless ET-733 has its detractors too. You don’t have to work hard to find out the tales that tell about probes failing or inadequate temperature readings. It may sound confusing about the potential of this thermometer. So let’s dig dip and do some investigation to find out whether this thermometer worth the hard-earned money or not.

Features of Maverick ET-733 

Easy to use:

The ET-733 Maverick has some really nice usability functions. Say,Maverick ET-733 Features

  • You can easily monitor temperatures for each of the probe given. Program your own manual temperature or switch between a range of pre-determined sets that you think appropriate for the meat on the smoker.
  • Fix a range of temperatures with a maximum and minimum for your pit probe. Thus when the temperature gets outside of the desired cooking range you get an alarm immediately.
  • People living outside the United States can easily change from Fahrenheit and Centigrade and vice versa.

Now there are customers complaining few issues regarding this “easy to use” feature of Maverick ET-733. Let’s see what the fuss about and clarify few things:

  • People say Maverick has too many features! – Well, this isn’t supposed to be the bad thing. However, if “easy to use” only means you having a thermometer that shows the temperature of your meat and an alarm that buzzes when the pit temperature is high or low- then Maverick’s may have some extra features (which we will cover later) that may get into your way. Oops!
  • Keep a screwdriver to change batteries! – This isn’t a big deal if you are at home, but if you are smoking away from home at a picnic or at a grill party, keep a handy Phillips screwdriver in your pocket.

It can be confusing while you are setting up the meat thermometer, my suggestion would be to check out the instruction manual thoroughly. If you are still uncertain, play some YouTube videos and LEARN people!

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Reads Accurate Temperature:

Well accuracy is the most important thermometer feature to me. And why wouldn’t that be? I am buying a thermometer to get the accurate temperature of my mutton, chicken or beef cooking on the smoker. If the thermometer produces a wrong result every time, what’s the point of buying it then?

Maverick ET-733 performs well in both tests, be it boiling or freezing water experiment. However, it gives the most accurate results when used for its intended purpose. Therefore, if you want to know the accurate pit temperature or want to know the meat temperature while cooking go for Maverick ET-733 Wireless Dual Probe Meat Thermometer Set.

Pro Tip! Often users do this mistake by placing the probe in a wrong location and end up getting a bad temperature. What you can do is insert the meat probe sideways towards the mid of the cut, it should not be on the bones. Make sure you place the probe before you start smoking, later leave the lid closed until you get your desired temperature.

Quality Matters:

Maverick ET-733 can monitor the internal temperature of meat from 300 feet distance; it has the wireless receiver with LCD beeps that flash when meat temperature exceeds the programmed temperature. The wireless receiver will beep on a loss of signal once you go out of range for more than a minute or so ( a thing of work, I know).

Its preprogrammed temperatures consist of 15 different types of poultry and meat. However, you can reprogram all preprogrammed temperatures as you require. So in terms of quality and functions, Maverick ET-733 can be considered as one of the flexible food thermometers in the market.

PROS:Maverick ET-733 Review

  • More flexibility with dual hybrid probes, perfect for a smoker. Dual hybrid probes allow you to monitor two cookers or two pieces of meat or one cooker and one piece of meat simultaneously.
  • Great range of thermometers with good battery life.
  • The larger screen of ET-733 makes it easier to have a quick temperature read and enables configuring the temperatures a bit easier (if not easiest).
  • Easy to fix food cooking temperatures and alarm temperatures.
  • The separate wireless receiver that can be carried around wherever you go.


  • It’s splash-proof but NOT water-proof. The thermometer cannot be fully submerged in water.
  • Probes failing- technical malfunction.
  • Difficulty to switch off and on due to the cheap manufacturing process.
  • Connecting issues regarding receiver and transmitter.
  • Programming temperature can be time-consuming.

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Maverick Industries, Inc. – The Company

Maverick Industries, Inc. was founded in 1981 and introduced itself as an important innovator in consumer goods by introducing high-quality, upscale grills to specialty retailers and department stores across the country. The company manufactures a number of digital cooking thermometers which includes roasting thermometers for the oven and grill, fork thermometers, candy and oil thermometers, and numerous other specialty units. Maverick, now, has started offering a full line of digital cooking thermometers and among them, Maverick ET-733 Long Range Wireless Dual Probe BBQ Smoker Meat Thermometer Set is one of the most popular ones.

Today, Maverick holds nine U.S. utility patents and multiple design patents, all of which are closely related to cooking thermometers. Not only these, under the license from Timex, but Maverick has also produced and distributed outdoor weather thermometers, plus cooking thermometers under the license from Le Cordon Bleu. Maverick is not only specialized in food thermometer, but it has also proven its potential in household items too by launching solar backup phone batteries and home emergency preparedness products under the Secure Products brand. The company also works under private brand names that involve many barbecue grill manufacturers, and Internet sellers. If you are curious to know more about Maverick Industries, Inc. and its products pay a visit to their detailed colorful website, you will be amazed by their collection.

Maverick ET-733

Lets Watch A Video Review


Why you Need a Food Thermometer?

Health is the Key:

As the saying goes, Health is Wealth! The most important reason to get a digital meat thermometer probe is the health of yours and yours loves ones. There are thousands of studies and research that show the many dangers of undercooked meat.

Every 1 out of 6 Americans gets sick from because of improper handling and cooking of food. Thousands of people around the world die due to the consumption of unwanted food pathogens. Researchers have stated that proper food handling and cooking meats at the right temperatures eliminates all the risk of food contamination. There are four easy steps that can be followed to keep food safe, such as a clean work area must be maintained with clean utensils, different foods should be placed separately, meats should be cooked thoroughly (no undercooked or overcooked meat should be served), and finally storing/chilling food should be done properly once they are cooked. When used correctly, your digital BBQ meat thermometer will provide you with an even and perfectly cooked piece of meat every time.

To Eliminates your Guesswork:

No two types of meat are alike, if you are using the same temperature to smoke chuck, shank, brisket, rib, flank, and loin and just ‘guessing’ their doneness during the whole cooking time then,

  • first of all, you are wasting a lot of time from your life.
  • second, you are getting some meats perfectly cooked, others over or undone (could be burnt as well)!

Why waste time and eat burned meat? Get yourself a handy meat thermometer; your life will be easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the 4 Batteries Last?

Answer: If you use your smoker for once or twice a week with 6-12 hours per cook, you will still have the usage for 1 year or more with the original batteries.

What Should be Done in Case it Starts to Rain while Cooking? Is the Transmitter Waterproof?

Answer: The unit is splash proof but not waterproof, means it can handle light rain but the transmitter won’t work if submerged in water. In case it rains, makes sure the probe wires have a loop that hangs down the unit so that the water drips off instead of entering into the plugins.

Can we set up Dual Alarms for both grill and meat Temperature or just one at a time?

Answer: You are free to set alarms for each probe in any configuration you want, say two meat or one meat/BBQ etc.

Can I use Maverick ET-733 as a Deep Fryer?

Answer: The probes can be used as a deep fryer, just make sure it doesn’t submerge in oil or butter.


Well, did you enjoyed Maverick ET-733 Review? In the End, I want to mention that Maverick is a company that is well known for its commitment towards quality and innovation; a company that values customers and their needs. So, if you want a meat thermometer that is easy to use, cost effective and durable, check out Maverick ET-733 Long Range Wireless Dual Probe BBQ Smoker Meat Thermometer Set, it won’t disappoint your hard earned money.

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